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Indiana Jones the game

2007-11-28 17:11:45 by zeroeffect9

Well, after many months of work (or playing computer games - call it as you like) the game is finished. OK, there are some bugs that need to be fixed but it's almost done. It's a small 2D Rayman style (he has just a torso, a head, hands and arms) game. The story - you're Indy and you are trying to find the golden cross. A simple story, but the game has traps and the path is dangerous (lol). Hope you will like it.


Indiana Jones the game


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2007-11-28 17:33:29

Looks great man,I've seen it,and it'll be awesome ;)
You need to post more info,though....


2008-10-27 09:29:19

heh it looks awesome!


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